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My world is important to me and so I became a steward of my community. [i]t was terrifying seeing the images of devastation caused by clear cutting around 8,000 Oak Trees in the Willow Creek AVA. It galvanized the entire Central Coast to craft an Urgency Ordinance to protect our Oak ecosystems. June 21, 2016 was the meeting where the County Board of Supervisors would vote on an Urgency Ordinance stop the removal of Woodland Oaks. I wrote a letter (below) and attended the meeting. We did get the ordinance passed, 4-1. See for yourself: June 15, 2016 BoS Meeting

Dear Mr. Mecham,

I’m a resident of the City of Paso Robles and I’ve been very happy with your representation of the 1st
District. With the importance of the Oak Urgency Ordinance and the Ag Pond Urgency Ordinance, I’d like to share my concerns with you.

I’m not a farmer or a winery owner. I’m just a regular citizen who likes her wine, loves local produce and meat, and wants to leave the world a little bit better for my children and future generations.

Ag Ponds are simply some of the worst farming methods and the evaporation, considering the drought situation, is very nearly criminal. With so many smarter, but sometimes pricier options available, we have to set standards that protect our resources while not strangling our agriculture business.

The Oaks… I moved to El Paso de Los Robles because of those gorgeous oaks that symbolize our city.
Rolling hills, forest woodlands just teeming with wildlife were big draws for me. If we don’t have reasonable protections in place, we’ll be an urban sprawl rather than a small town pastoral community.

I am a progress type of woman. No growth is incredibly short-sighted and leads to a dearth of jobs and blight. Rapid growth, well the polar opposite occurs with massive land devastation.

I believe there a good plan on the table with both ordinances which gives us, the county, time to craft detailed and thoughtful ordinances that provide balance.


Angela Payton

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