Do You Know Where Your Website Stands?

by | May 1, 2018 | Blog

A Website Content Audit Tells You If Your Content Matters.

A Website Content Audit is Information

I get asked about online content all the time. Most often, I’m asked what is online content?

Online content is any written or graphics-oriented item. Anything from Facebook posts and comments to blogs and articles count as content. Any writing that represents your online presence, including your website, matters.

Then I am usually asked why does my website matter?

Well, answer this for me…

Does your content work to help you meet your business goals like it should… or as well as it could?

A Website Content Audit answers these big questions. It can show you how your content performs across the pages of your website to meet one or more of the following common business goals:

  • drive traffic to your site
  • drive sales activities
  • helps you meet your marketing needs.

SEO… Yes or No?

Actually, it’s both. Back in the day, people stuffed keywords in to everything they could. Backend and frontend.

But then Google got smart. Stuffing your site suddenly didn’t work. Gaming Google meant losing rankings and authority.

So what does work?

  • Quality content
  • Keywords and key phrases for real people done with real research
  • Authentic connections with visitors

It Takes Everything I Have to Just Run My Business… What Can I do?

Many business owners do not have the time to write content. Many are aware of the difference quality content makes to their bottom line, but few know how to get there.

I’ve helped local small businesses get a leg up on their competition with persuasive writing that drives traffic. Some have wanted to do it themselves so I’ve consulted and mentored those clients.

So now all that’s left to ask yourself is…

What do you need to Standout Socially?

Powerful Content.

Take your content to the next level and see the results you’ve been hoping for. I can help.

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