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About Social Content and How I can Help

You know how difficult Content is to…

Write so it resonates with your audience. And also gets them to act. Content like:

  • SEO Optimized Web Pages that brings your audience to your site
  • Marketing content that hit your business goals
  • Facebook Ads that people will share
  • Video Scripts that convert listeners to customers
  • Emails that get opened, read, and clicked

I can help.

What I am is a Content Expert. I help marketers take strategies from ideas to audience engaging content.

I give that same advantage to your business in today’s online social world.

Want to meet your bottom line goals? You need to know what UX is and what UI is and how they work.

I know the difference between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). That difference is key to converting a viewer from a fan… to a customer for life.




A love of reading and writing began at six years old. I wrote many things, from poetry to essays.

Then I got bit by the technology bug. It started simply enough with learning multiple software. But that wasn’t enough.

I got training and certifications. After that, I got recruited to wear a white hat.

Having a programming background, but more importantly better typing and excellent English writing skills helped.

I wrote malware bulletins. I also wrote blogs, white papers, and reports for Federal Law Enforcement.

There were specific threats and then there were the family threats. One such threat was W32.Sality. I wrote that when my last name was Thigpen.

We realized we were ready to love where we lived. We moved to the Central Coast of California.

Paso Robles, where we landed has stunning rolling hills, vineyards, and ranches.

I continued my work as a writer for small companies, both technical and copywriting.

And that, friends, is where I am now.

Working with clients to build their customers and sales. Helping them with their web content, social media, and newsletters… so they STANDOUT.

There are ranches. There are vineyards. There are ranches with vineyards. Vineyards with ranches. All of the have starry nights and moons so big you can reach right up and touch the light.

We have wineries, breweries, and distilleries. A few miles away are majestic beaches. Small cities, a University, and a love of nature unites the people of the Central Coast.

If you have the chance to visit the San Luis Obispo County and enjoy the SLO life, there are many wonderful adventures that await.

If you need some ideas and recommendations… I can help with that, too.

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